Power outage in US Central Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting System - Power

At roughly 12:20 PM CET, the datacenter facility where ZerOne Hosting operates our servers in Dallas lost utility power. Redundant power sources, UPS and generators, did not operate as designed thus causing the entire facility to lose power. After 2.5 hours, power was restored and all services were back online.

At this time the datacenter has not provided an RFO (Report of Findings) for the power outage. Once they complete a full analysis of the event, they will send a full RFO and we will update the post here with more details.

We apologise for the disruption to your service and appreciate your patience during this outage.

Please keep this page in your bookmarks for details on uptime issues in the future: https://my.zeronehosting.com/serverstatus.php